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28 September 2021

Dr. Tereza Novotna organized and moderated a Two-Panel Conference on “Europe and Asia Fighting COVID-19 Together: Mutual Lessons from the Pandemic” at the Korea-Europe Center, Free University Berlin

On 29 September 2021, Dr. Tereza Novotna, together with the Korea-Europe Center of Free University Berlin, organized a one-day two-panel online conference on the topic of “Europe and Asia Fighting COVID-19 Together: Mutual Lessons from the Pandemic”.

The first panel, focused on other countries in Asia, included some of the research groups members, such as Dr Ferenczy (project participant), Prof. Auer, Dr Zampetti and, in addition, Mr Anselm Kanwischer from forumZFD who focused on Cambodia.

The second panel which covered the Korean peninsula included research group members Dr Park (project participant), Dr Tan, Mr Blick and, in addition, Dr Kee Park from Harvard Medical School.

Both panels were moderated by the Project Director, Dr Novotna. For both panels, about 60-70 participants registered to follow the event via Webex and the video recording of both sessions is available online at the YouTube channel of the Institute for Korean Studies, Free University Berlin:

· Panel One:

· Panel Two:

This organized conference has served as a starting point for the research group. As a follow up, Dr. Novotna put together a panel proposal for the American Political Science Association (APSA) annual conference to be held in Montreal in September 2022. The panel proposal drew on the project and event above and included papers by the Project Director on the EU and South Korea dealing with the pandemic, Dr Ferenczy on Taiwan, Prof. Auer and his colleagues on Hong Kong and by Dr Hoo on Malaysia.

FU HSDF 2021 COVID - Programme Poster
Download PDF • 625KB

FU HSDF COVID Invitation and agenda
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