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30 June 2020

A new policy brief on the EU-ROK June 2020 summit and the future of the partnership

A new policy brief "Health, Trade and North Korea: The EU-South Korea Summit and Future Ties" by Tereza Novotna has been published in July 2020 by 9DashLine here. You can also download a printable .pdf version here.

In her policy brief, Tereza Novotna argues that during the videoconference, the Europeans wanted to talk about health and trade, while North Korea – and the EU’s support with it – was on South Korea's President Moon mind. The EU’s willingness to adequately respond to Seoul’s overtures and seize the initiative on the DPRK will be vital for the EU-Korea partnership in the upcoming months. More importantly, it will also affect the way in which a “geopolitical” EU will play its hand in learning how “to speak the language of power” – as the EU’s High Representative Borrell put it - in Asia and beyond.

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